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09 January 2019
Artificial Intelligence Video Creation: Amazing Video Tools
Create Videos at Incredible Speeds Without Expensive Software using Artificial Intelligence Tools
213 175
08 January 2019
Combat Knife 3D Game Asset in Blender and Substance Painter
Learn to model, UV unwrap, and texture a high quality game asset from start to finish.
07 January 2019
Give your illustrator files motion with After Effects
Let's turn those illustrator files into amazing motion graphics videos with After Effects.
07 January 2019
3Ds Max ve Vray ile realistik araba sahnesi oluşturmak
3ds max ve Vray kullanarak, realistik bir araba sahnesini oluşturmayı öğreneceğiz.
157 124
05 January 2019
3D Modeling and Texturing Interior Office in Autodesk Maya
A step by step guide to Modeling and Texturing an Office Interior in Autodesk Maya
107 95
04 January 2019
The Ultimate GIMP 2.10 Guide►Book included as sold on Amazon
All Basics (0 to Hero) PLUS►make GIMP as PS!►GLYPHS panel for FREE!►Complete Nik Collection Coverage►Pro B&W►Book Covers
04 January 2019
3D Animation Film-Making with Plotagon: Ultra-Speed
Create powerful 3D animation movies at incredible speed without any kind of animation knowledge.
190 147
04 January 2019
Anyone can Design: Create Awesome Graphics For Social Media
The complete course on creating amazing graphics for social media networks with no graphic design skills whatsoever.
03 January 2019
Design Theory Blitz: Quickly Understand GREAT Design
Learn what makes some designs look better than others, and how to implement those design fundamentals in your own work.
02 January 2019
Portrait Retouching Essentials in Photoshop
Learn everything you need about retouching and Create Amazing Images with Photoshop!
258 222
31 December 2018
DaVinci Resolve 15 Post-Production
Learn how to edit videos , color grading basics and text animations in DaVinci Resolve 15
29 December 2018
Design awesome t-shirt from zero to hero on Photoshop
How To Design T-shirts on Photoshop
317 271