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03 January 2019
Design Theory Blitz: Quickly Understand GREAT Design
Learn what makes some designs look better than others, and how to implement those design fundamentals in your own work.
31 December 2018
DaVinci Resolve 15 Post-Production
Learn how to edit videos , color grading basics and text animations in DaVinci Resolve 15
28 December 2018
Canva for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Online Money Makers
Learn How to Design with Canva and Sell Your Work to Make Money Online
28 December 2018
Natron for Beginners
Through this course you will also learn the difference between node based composting and layer based composting
28 December 2018
Design a Room with Google SketchUp Make 15.3
A guide to model and texture the room
25 December 2018
Learn Corel x7 Like a Pro
Learn the basics of Corel x7 in under 1 hour
20 December 2018
Amateur Rocket Certification Prep
Test your knowledge
14 December 2018
Professional Advertising & Graphic Design [Mascot/Logo]
Design Illustration using Adobe Photoshop
13 December 2018
Belajar Teknik Menggambar Mesin untuk Pemula
Prinsip Dasar dalam menggambar, Gambar Konstruksi Geometri, Pictorial Drawing, Multi-View Drawing
07 December 2018
How To Design Social Media Posts with Canva! (Beginner)
Learn how to create stunning social media posts with Canva without all the complicated hassle.
02 December 2018
Certification in Color Psychology
Color influences perceptions & Correct Color match Increases Sales. User Experience increases if correct colors used
29 November 2018
The FREE Photoshop: Master Photo Editing with GIMP
Get FREE Photoshop without paying anything, Learn how to make the FREE program GIMP work as Photoshop!