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10 May 2020
UX para quem (ainda) não é de UX
O básico do básico pra quem quer ter um primeiro contato com a área.
96 82
19 April 2020
Wireframing with Balsamiq Mockups
Learn the basics of Balsamiq Mockups, an invaluable tool for creating rapid user interface wireframes.
539 449
16 April 2020
UX Metrics - Introdução
Uso de dados em ux
120 105
25 September 2019
UX  Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals of UX (user experience) design and process.
1365 990
23 September 2019
User Experience (UX) Strategy Fundamentals
A short course that introduces you to the principles and processes of UX Strategy work in an organization
1093 852
08 September 2019
UX: The Evidence-Based Redesign
Learn the foolproof system for knowing what users want so you can improve any website
873 669
09 July 2019
Migrando para o Blender
Aprenda de forma prática e objetiva o fluxo de produção com o Blender 2.8
426 187
18 June 2019
Practical Bash Scripting On Linux and Mac OSX
Learn Shell scripting by example on Posix compliant system
1256 1014
07 June 2019
Learn Conversational UX on Pepper the Robot
Build a chatbot for Pepper to create an amazingly natural, conversational humanoid, robot interaction.
566 433
16 May 2019
Fundamentals of UXPin
What is UXPin and how do you use it?
459 436
22 November 2018
Master the Fundamentals of Rapid Prototyping
Learn about different methodologies and tools available to rapid prototype user experience for your idea
638 509
12 August 2018
Rapid Usability Research For UX Designers
Start running research in less than 1 hour
896 694