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Video Editing, Recording and Screen Capture with Camtasia
Create or enhance your own videos, online courses, marketing, promo or YouTube videos, add music and share easily.
133 116
Audacity V2.3 (Latest), Audio Editing, Clean up Audio Files
Step By Step Training. Learn to use the latest Audacity V2.3.0 (29 September 2018) to produce professional quality audio
146 124
03 February 2019
Spline Modeling Fundamentals in CINEMA 4D
Everything you need to know about spline modeling in CINEMA 4D
136 105
03 February 2019
Windows Movie Maker - Learn to create and edit videos
Learn all Movie Maker Features in just 30 minutes
212 179
15 January 2019
i Vlog di Davide Vasta: Video, Fotografia, Tecnologia
Un appuntamento ricorrente con approfondimenti, suggerimenti e tecnologie legate al mondo della Fotografia e VideoMaking
09 January 2019
Artificial Intelligence Video Creation: Amazing Video Tools
Create Videos at Incredible Speeds Without Expensive Software using Artificial Intelligence Tools
287 234
30 November 2018
The Complete Talking Head Video Production Masterclass
Video Production - Building Confidence on Camera for Video Marketing - Filmmaking - Videography - Cinematography
315 277
29 November 2018
Create a Creature Head in Cinema 4D
Model and Sculpt Creature Concept art and Finish in Photoshop.
135 122
23 November 2018
Mastery Course Camtasia 9
Create the best videos, using camtasia 9.
208 176
30 October 2018
Windows Movie Maker Complete Guide
Learn Movie maker in depth
187 147
19 October 2018
The Ultimate 2 Hour On-Camera Media Training Course
Media Training for Experts, Video & Course Creators - Improve Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Communication Skill
296 233
12 October 2018
Youtube for Photographers: Behind the Scene Videos
Learn how to market your work with Behind the Scenes Videos, with Music Included (40+ Songs). Review Examples of Videos.
246 211