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Learn UI Design: All You Need to Start a 6-Figure Career

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Interested in user interface (UI) design? You should be. You can make more as a user interface designer than any other kind of digital design. UI designers enjoy amazing work flexibility and regularly makes top-ten lists for the most in-demand, fastest growing jobs in the US.

But here’s the big secret: UI design is actually pretty simple, thanks to great new online tools like Figma.

With this short but informative course, you’ll learn how get started as a professional UI designer. You’ll also learn how to become a top 3% designer using my simple but comprehensive system.

This course is broken into six parts:

  • Part 1 - Learning Figma. How to use the fastest growing and easiest to use design tool to design for mobile, web, and more.

  • Part 2 - Starting a Design. How to go about starting a project and creating designs clients will love.

  • Part 3 - The Project. Together, we’ll create a real world project for your portfolio.

  • Part 4 - Finding Work. Proven strategies for finding design work, and how to get employers to flock to you.

  • Part 5 - Tools. All the resources you need to complete any UI design project.

  • Part 6 - Pro Stuff. Design philosophies and a glossary of terms to help you become (or at least sound like) an expert.

**Email me anytime at [email protected], I would love to learn about your experience, get your feedback and hear about your goals**