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Pixelan 3D Six-Pack - Mastering Video Effects

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3D Six Pack is a Plugin-Suite from the company Pixelan, and Vegas Pro is a Nonlinear Editing Platform from Sony Creative Software. The Pixelan 3D Six Pack has over 300 types of 3D Transition Effects divided into 6 Major Categories which help in producing professional level Transitions and Video Effects. The 300+ Transitions are divided and are available under various Category Heads like Page FX; Depth FX; Energy FX; Particles FX; Burst FX and Extra FX. This course is for students and film making professionals who want to use Pixelan 3D Six Pack for doing 3D Transitions in the Post Production process of Nonlinear Video Editing. Pixelan 3D Six Pack is Cross Edit Platform Compatible, and in this course you will learn how to use Pixelan 3D Six Pack inside Vegas Pro. In this course we have covered the entire suite of Pixelan 3D Six Pack Plugins so that Filmmaking students can understand how to do Transitions with 3D Six Pack Plugins and manually tweak them. The following Pixelan 3D Six Pack Processes have been covered in this course: Introduction and Basics of Pixelan 3D Six Pack , Page FX, Depth FX, Energy FX, Particles FX, Burst FX and Extra FX 

Who is the target audience?
  • Film Making Students
  • Film Editing Professionals
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to do Video Transitions using Pixelan 3D Six Pack